We are a nursery based in a large family house within walking distance of Guildford town centre. We look after a small group of children (babies up to five-year-olds mainly).

The business is owned and run by a Cambridge Law Graduate, Mrs. Sandra Easton, who has the coveted Early Years Professional Status (2010). The team of staff provide excellent childcare with lots of individual attention and the children spend a lot of time outdoors in the huge garden.

Many children start off as babies and stay until they go to school as we offer all the activities that a big nursery would offer but with far fewer children. Many mums comment that they didn't know such ideal childcare existed, hence our overwhelming popularity.

One child's place at the nursery costs £65.00 per day.

The children enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor activities, e.g. painting, play doh, arts and crafts and cooking. The babies tend to dictate their own routine so that they are able to eat/sleep when needed in a flexible routine - they tend to be very contented because they are given so much attention.

Right from the beginning each child has an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Learning Journey folder, which contains photos of the child at the setting and observations of the child, including the next steps to be carried out to bring on the child's development and details of the next steps which we carried out (the follow up observations).

The Early Years Foundation Stage has been updated for September 2012 and 2014 and each parent ("parent" refers to parent or carer throughout website) will be provided with a brief outline of its provisions so we can work together to help the child's development and achieve his or her highest potential.

We help children to develop by activities involving the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours, etc., and I.C.T. skills appropriate to the age of the child. We encourage problem solving (on own or as a group) plus creative thinking. We carry out a lot of activities involving different cultures and teaching children about the world.

The children are encouraged to be active and enjoy physical exercise, e.g., running in the garden, playing on the swing or slide, riding around in one of the 9 Little Tykes cars available, skipping, hopscotch, etc.

The manager's Nutrition Certificate enables top class healthy meals to be prepared. The extensive menu is shown to the parents (including a wide variety of foods, e.g., mild Indian curry and Chinese dishes). Regular healthy snacks are provided to encourage energy and water is available all day. There is a separate fridge just for the children (correct temperature and correctly stocked). Hot meals are probed with a food probe and the temperatures are recorded.

The children are instructed about which foods/drinks are healthy and general nutritional advice is imparted. Each child's record form is consulted to assess the individual's dietary and medical needs, e.g., allergies and food intolerances. The nursery is a nut free zone.

The nursery ensures that the planned activities help children progress towards Early Learning goals and the children themselves with their various achievements provide proof that the nursery and parents' joint planning and interaction work extremely well. Good outcomes are achieved with the children learning to think critically and the children are active and creative learners in their play and exploration. Happy learning experiences are provided and children achieve as much as possible in relation to their starting points and abilities.

We aid children's personal social and emotional development by activities (both adult-led and child-led) that help children feel good about themselves (which includes realising how much they can achieve), respect others (social skills, including good manners) and encourage children to want to learn. We encourage activity and produce opportunities to improve co-ordination and movement -garden play, running races, 9 Little Tykes cars, swing, slide , trampoline, etc.

Creative development is aided by lots of painting, playdoh, gloop play, dressing up, etc. Each child's individual folder records any achievements, however small,of each unique child and all achievements/actions are checked with the Early Learning goals.