Sandra Easton is a Mum of four grown up children and has nearly 30 years experience in looking after children. She has a Law Degree (London LLB) and a Masters Law Degree from Cambridge University, and the Solicitor's qualification. She started her childcare business in 1996 and built up the nursery at Narnia, which has been given the 'Outstanding' grade by Ofsted in all areas. She has attended many childcare courses including Paediatric First Aid, Food Hygiene and Safeguarding Children and is a qualified nutritionist. In 2010 Sandra achieved the highest childcare status, the Early Years Professional Status, from Kingston University.

Gillian Wadsted has worked as a pre-school teacher at Wonersh Pre-School for over 25 years (and taught all of Sandra's children). She has three grown up children, and has been a friend of Sandra's for over 20 years. Gillian is a qualified teacher (B.Ed.) and worked for five years at Wonersh and Shamley Green Infant School. She is First Aid trained and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at the pre-school and at Narnia. She is great at Arts and Crafts as well as cooking and is really popular with the children and parents.

Becky Rose is a qualified teacher with a Primary Education Degree and is Gillian's daughter. She has worked in reception classes and sometimes works as a supply teacher. She is very organised and great at helping the children with pre-school work especially phonics. Becky is in her thirties and went to school with Sandra's daughter.

Mary Anne Duncton did work experience at Narnia as part of her NVQ2. She is extremely reliable and has a lovely easy going nature with the children. She likes doing Arts and Crafts. She's completed her Level 3 qualification.

Dawn Stanton has completed her Level 3 qualification. Dawn particularly enjoys working with babies and specialising in that area.

Sue Kelly is in her forties with grown up children. She is Level 3 qualified, with numerous years experience working in nurseries.

Lily Williamson came to Narnia as a baby and is now 16. She is completing an apprenticeship here with a company that assesses her at work in the nursery as well as setting her online assignments.